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'' I must be about my Fathers Business" Luke 2:49

Quote of the Day


” If you can dream it, you can do it,” – Walt Disney

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President’s Poem


He was born in Blooming Grove, Ohio in 1865

28th Lieutenant Governor of Ohio before presidency

Elected in 1921

Warren G. Harding

Was really liked

Started the Child welfare program

Signed the treaty of World War 1

Died in 1923 when he was 57 years old

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Looking forward and back


Looking back into 2o13 my year was very exciting year for me. First, I got to go see the Roughnecks Boys basketball battle for the state championship again! While we were there we went to see the State Capital  it was  huge!Also while we were there we got to see the Roughnecks play in the Longhorn  basket stadium also known as the Drum. I it was really big. Inside they were selling Longhorn things and other things. Even though I’m not a Longhorn fan I really had fun. In fact the Roughnecks won the state championship for the second time!!!! The second memory of 2013 is my eye surgery. I was very scary because the rest of my surgeries was when I was only a baby. I was weird because I went into a little and got an IV stuck in me. The medicine they that they gave me made me very sleepy the I went to a room and put a mask on and feel asleep. When I woke up they were all done and I went home. Lastly I got to stay up on New Year’s Eve with Madison my Best Friend Forever. We made rubber band bracelets and stayed up till 2:15 AM. Now to look in to 2014 I have two goals this year. Number one is to make all A’s in school. So someday I might be Valedictorian when I’m in high school. The second goal I have is to memorize Psalms 23. Because that  is one of my favorite verses. Also we are to read the Bible. One of the things I want to quit day dreaming. So I will pay more attention when people are talking. 1 thing I want to learn i any thing science. I love science!!!!!!! The books I want to read is all the Molly books and the Marvel Encyclopedia. That is my plan for 2014!

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Pearl Harbor Poem


President Roosevelt called it ” A day that will live in infamy.”

Entered Word War II after after that

Arizona, Oklahoma, West Virginia, California were the battleships that were sunk

Remembered at the memorial in Hawaii

Lasted for two hours

Had been attacked on December 7,1941

At 8:00 AM the Japanese attacked

Rest in peace to the 2,345 men who died

Bombed by the Japanese

One of the hero’s of the day is J.T Hasl

Remember this day forever



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Christmas Couplets


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My Veteran


Lt. Col. McCormick has severed in the U.S. Army for several years. He has been to Iraq twice and to Afghanistan once. He has earned two bronze metals. He says ” Failure is not an option.” He is right and hes very brave to go and fight for our freedom.

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PEOPLE ARE AWSOME 2013!!!!!!!!!!!


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Turkey Cinquain


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Jamestown or Plymouth



Loved their beliefs

You may have gotten seasick

Met Indians

Out of course

Under the top deck to sleep

To escape persecution they moved

Had the first Thanksgiving

I would had liked to live in Plymouth rather than Jamestown because I would move for the freedom to worship not to find gold. Another reason is that there were no women in Jamestown. Also, I don’t like get bitten by mosquitoes. Lastly, I would have  liked to be in the first Thanksgiving. That is why I would haved liked to live in Plymouth

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