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President’s Poem

He was born in Blooming Grove, Ohio in 1865

28th Lieutenant Governor of Ohio before presidency

Elected in 1921

Warren G. Harding

Was really liked

Started the Child welfare program

Signed the treaty of World War 1

Died in 1923 when he was 57 years old

The things that I learned in 4th grade

I’ve learned to multiply two digit times two digit. It’s where you multiply the ones place times the the first [or the top] in the tens place.Here is a tip put your on tens place! Then you  x out the bottom ones place. then you do what you just did.  BUT remember to put a zero down because you’re multiplying y the tens place not the ones place. then add the two numbers together and ther is your answer!!!!

In my 4th grade year I learned symmetry. In symmetry it is where you can divied a shape in to half and if you folded it the two sides will be the same. A shape can have more than 1 line of symmetry or it can have none at alll.

`Another thing is that I learned is improper fractions. It is where the bigger number is on the top. Here is an easy and fun  way to remember it. Think of a dad and a litte boy If the dad is holding the boy up that is proper.But, if the boy is holding up the dad that is improper 

Next thing that I learned is angles. There are three types of angles acute, wich is less than 90 degress. then obtuse, wich is more than 90 ddegrees. Lasty the right angle, wich is only 90 degrees. Do you know that angles are every where? In your huse,in trains, and on a box! A protractor is used to mesure angles. Builders use them in almost every thing.

The last thing that I learned in 4th grade is long division. Here is phrase that helps me remember the steps. Does McDonald’s sell cheese burgers really? I know this phrase sounds funny but it helps me. Long division is where you divide big numbers. Sometimes you have a remainder it means that it would make the groups unequal. Here is how you do it divide,multiply,subtract,compare,bring down, and repeat. Then you multiply to check.    

4th Grade Reflections

The thing that I learned in 4th grade is long division and about different kinds of Indians. The thing that I struggled  with was 2 digit x 2 digit and the lairs of the earth. The thing that surprised is that I got the teacher that I wanted and I almost read all the Harry Potter books. The thing that disappointed me was that we had more BIG test and I never got to go to the toy chest

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