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'' I must be about my Fathers Business" Luke 2:49

8th Grade Science Physics


Click here to see my 8th Grade Physics Journal Drawing



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Linear Art Project


You can click below to recreate my linear art project



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The Difference between W.E.D


The Difference Between W.E.D.

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9 Weeks Equations Project


9 Weeks’ Equations Project

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Elements, Compounds, & Mixtures


Element- cannot be broken down into anything

Compound- is made of two or more elements and cannot be taken apart

Mixture- is a combination of 2 substance but can be taken apart

gold                                                                             Elementsalad



                                          All images found from Google images!

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Verse of the Day


From now on I will do a verse every day. Because I believe every one should know that God loves them. Today’s verse is from John 3:16- For God love the world so  much that he gave is only son. For whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. Just remember that God loves you very much.

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Baby Gifts


Everyone was staring at me as I unwrapped the first present. This was going to be the best baby shower ever. After the cake was devoured, it was time to open gifts. I agreed to open all of the presents. The presents were huge! I thought they were for me. When I ripped through the first present like a tornado and saw the prize I shouted “I’m not a baby and I don’t need these things!” Everyone started laughing at me. My face turned red as fire truck. My mother pulled me aside and whispered “These are not for you. They are for your brother,” After that I was silent. After I opened all 30 or so presents, I got some presents that were for me! They were baby dolls, accessories, and clothes. I was so happy that I grinned from ear to ear. I couldn’t believe how many presents there were for Beau. But at least I had a blast.Also, I learned that everything isn’t about you.

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Quote of the Day


” If you can dream it, you can do it,” – Walt Disney

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President’s Poem


He was born in Blooming Grove, Ohio in 1865

28th Lieutenant Governor of Ohio before presidency

Elected in 1921

Warren G. Harding

Was really liked

Started the Child welfare program

Signed the treaty of World War 1

Died in 1923 when he was 57 years old

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